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We Make Electricity Easy

Electricity changes everything – it’s the lifeblood of our economy.

We’re here to provide it and more. We’ve been energizing industries and communities for more than 70 years. From major transmission projects in Alberta, to natural gas-fired generation in Australia and distributed generation in Mexico, our mission is to make electricity easy for our customers around the world

Our Products & Services

  • Oilfield & Industrial Customers

    Are you planning a project that needs electrical services? Are you upgrading or removing existing electrical services? Visit this section for more information about how we can help get you the power you need.

  • Infrastructure Services

    As an owner operator, our electricity expertise is second to none. From Transmission & Distribution, Renewables or HVDC, we bring engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance experience, with a unique perspective. 

  • Generation Connections

    Our team taps into decades of experience to design and build the distribution infrastructure needed to safely connect your distributed generation facility to the Alberta grid. 

  • Developer Services

    We'll tackle your project whether it's above or below ground. We are committed to working with developers and their teams to plan, develop and install underground electrical distribution facilities in our service area. 

  • LED Street Lights

    We've been installing LED street lights in our service area since 2011. Learn more about our intelligent lighting systems and how LED lights could reduce your community's carbon footprint.

  • High Load Moves

    Are you planning to move large structures near power lines? We can help you with that. Our team will help plan the safest route and manage the challenges that come with complicated high load moves.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging

    We're leading the charge in electric vehicle (EV) charging. Learn more about how our experience building, owning, operating and maintaining electric systems makes us the perfect fit for the exciting world of EVs.

  • Power Generation & Renewables

    We develop, build and operate independent power generation facilities and provide customers with scalable, cost-effective renewable and non-renewable power solutions around the world. 

  • Temporary Mobile Power

    Draw electricity from the grid where you want it, when you want it with our low-cost, safe and environmentally friendly solution.