Outage Tips for Business Customers

outage tips

If you are in our service area and are experiencing a power outage, check out our outage map to see if the outage has already been reported. If not, let us know by calling 1 800 668 5506 or use our online form. Keep on eye on the outage map or download our My ATCO Electricity app for live updates.

In the event of an outage or emergency, here are some tips to keep your business running safely.

Experiencing a Power Outage?

Report an outage using our outage form.

Protect your Computers

Back up your computer files frequently. Consider buying an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for critical computers and other equipment. This provides temporary battery backup power so you can save data and turn your computer off safely without losing valuable information.

Review Operations

If you reduce the use of power during peak periods, this can help lower the chances of a power outage. Identify non-essential equipment if there is a call to reduce power province-wide, such as photocopiers, coffee machines and lighting.

Back Up Equipment

Check backup battery systems regularly for security, lighting, phone and computer equipment to ensure they are fully functional. Make sure that emergency lighting systems work and are suitable for evacuating the building. If your elevators are connected to an alternate power supply, verify the maximum number of elevators that can run without overloading the generator.

Prepare Employees

Make sure your employees review procedures in case of an outage, including continuing or stopping work, security protocols and alternate evacuation routes if elevators are not working.

Check Ventilation

Proper ventilation can become an issue if power is out. Gas stoves in restaurants will continue to operate, but fans will be out of service. Inadequate ventilation can lead to a build-up of carbon monoxide and other hazardous materials. When turning off equipment, make sure that air conditioning and ventilation systems for the elevator equipment room are not shut off to prevent equipment from overheating.

Resuming Service

Once power is restored, turn equipment back on over a 15-minute period to protect your equipment and help us resume service. Restarting equipment can take double the amount of electrical capacity it normally draws. When all this demand is placed on the power system, it can cause a series of surges or voltage drops.

  • Electrical Outages & Emergencies

    If you're experiencing an electrical outage or emergency, call us at 1 800 668 5506 or report an outage using our online form.

  • Natural Gas Outages

    While rare, natural gas outages can happen. If you are experiencing a natural gas outage, call our Natural Gas emergency line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Edmonton and area: 780 420 5585. Calgary and area: 403 245 7222. All other areas: 1 800 511 3447.

Stay Safe and Up-to-Date

Click below to learn more about current, future, and planned outages, or to find more tips on preparing for an outage.