Introducing Rümi

A Part of the ATCO Family

Rümi is the newest addition to the ATCO family of companies. ATCO has been trusted in Albertan’s homes for the past 70 years, and now Rümi will be there to provide solutions that bring comfort, peace of mind, and freedom to our customer’s lives. We believe a person’s home should be a stress-free sanctuary, which is why we’re focused on providing solutions that help reduce the anxiety of homeowners.

We’re like the best neighbour you’ll ever have.


Home Services Backed By ATCO

Carefully selected partners who align with our values provide a range of services to help with your cleaning and maintenance needs. We also offer a variety of home products from cookware, SMART products, small appliances and more.


Home Happiness for Albertans

Operating the Rümi pilot in over 20 Alberta communities around Calgary and Edmonton is just the start for Rümi, look for us in more Alberta cities soon.

Services and Products