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Since 1930, we have been here sharing our recipes and advice with you.

A lot has changed over those years – from fashion to technology and everything between. What hasn’t is our goal of sharing our knowledge.

Our original aim was to help homemakers get the best results when using natural gas. Back then, it was an exciting and new fuel to most Albertans. We taught them how to use new appliances powered by natural gas and offered recipes best suited for this “wonder fuel.” Today, we answer questions about everything from cooking to cleaning.

Our site is stocked with recipes for every occasion and meal. We’ve also published many cookbooks that have found homes in your kitchens. At our learning centres, we regularly offer cooking classes for all ages.

Many things have evolved in the decades since we first picked up the phone on our Answer Line. Our commitment to offering the tips, tricks and recipes you’re looking for has remained the same and now you can connect with us via Live Chat and email.

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